Organization in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Since 2019


Peace Initiative Network organizes and hosts periodic seminars, workshops and public enlightenment campaigns as its strategy to reach people in the community to promote goodwill and coexistence

PIN adopts a partnership / participatory approach in all its interventions and activities.

Thematic Areas

1. Advocacy - to establish a positive working relationship with stakeholders in the community in order to enhance a peaceful and non violent society

2. Peace Education - to institutionalize non violence and peace education in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

3. Democracy and Good Governance - to strengthen governance capacities through developing and integrating conflict management systems at different levels of governance and also ensure transparency in decision making. .

4. Research - to develop and maintain participatory research and database on the best practices on social inclusion and peace education.


- Donations from individuals and institutions.

- Funds from Donor / Development Agencies

- Consultancy Services – research and training.

We Stand for Peace

Peace Initiative Network is a voluntary non-governmental, non-profit making, non-partisan in politics and religion, charitable organization dedicated to the promotion of peace, unity and harmony in Nigeria, Africa and among the nations and regions of the world. The organization functions as a catalyst, and think-tank for public policy input.
PIN organizes and hosts periodic seminars, workshop and sports events as strategies to reach its diverse stakeholders in the community as a way of promoting peaceful coexistence. The core goal of the Organization is promotion of interaction and transformative dialogue between stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds to help strengthen a peaceful Nigeria; using the efficacy of sport as a platform to develop friendship among young people across diverse ethnic, culture and religion; to improve young people `s leadership, problem –solving and critical thinking skills that will aid their ability to become responsible future leaders. PIN activities are anchored on five thematic areas: advocacy, peace education, sports, governance and research.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent, manage violent conflict through public enlightenment and sensitization in Nigeria and globally.



Peace Initiative Network is committed to the realization of these set objectives:

  • To promote the cause of Nigerian unity and nation building
  • To encourage International Cooperation and collaboration toward achieving peaceful co-existence globally.
  • To apply global information communication technology in propagating against all sorts of political violence and terrorism globally.
  • To promote peace, conflict resolution and harmony through research, charitable disbursements and the support of voluntary humanitarian services.
  • To organize periodically intellectual forum – public lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences etc on conflict resolution and peace.
  • To publish newsletter, monograph, journal and book on peace
  • To advocate for the inclusion of peace study in school curriculum at all level of education in Nigeria.

Our Work

Peace Club Project

Peace Club Project

An initiative of Peace Initiative Network in partnership with British Council, Kano was inaugurated on May 27th, 2006 (International Children’s Day in Nigeria) for young people aged 14 – 18 from diverse backgrounds, who are interested in exploring the theme of peace. The club started with 50 members (30 boys and 20 girls) from seven secondary school in Kano namely:

1. Rumfa College, Kano.
2. St. Thomas Secondary School
3. Samadi International School, Kano 4. Army Day Girls Secondary School, Kano
5. Bennie College, Kano
6. Spring Secondary School, Kano
7. Research International College, Kano

Currently, Peace Club has 8000 members in sixty schools in Kano, Gombe, Plateau and Delta state.

The general principal of the PEACE CLUB is to bring about a change in awareness and patterns of thought which will lead to change in the behavior of young people.

Youth / Women Livelihood Project

Youth/Women Livelihood Project

Was conceived to strengthen community resilience to violence through income generation and peace building activities. Under this program PIN, in partnership with Peace Direct, a United Kingdom based Not-For-Profit Organization have empowered over 400 women and youths with functional skills and other forms of employable competencies in conflict areas of northern Nigeria.

the program was executed in the two conflict prone cities of Kano, in the North West, and Jos, in the North –Central. The bulk of the beneficiaries were provided three (3) month training in sustainable micro-businesses, such as: Tailoring, Shoe and Bag Making, Phone Repairs, Hair Dressing, and Vulcanizing.

Those taught Phone Repair,

were provided with implements for their trade, and those that acquired Hair Dressing capability were given Hair Dryer, Head Washing Basin, and other working tools. While, those who acquired skills in Vulcanizing were also provided working tools and a Generator- Set each. Provision of business inputs & vocational kits to participants at the completion of training.

cont..It is therefore, worth noticing that both Christian and Muslim women and youths have put aside their identity differences and are all learning together, side by side, at the training centers, and are also participating in the monthly meeting and community outreaches in harmony devoid of discrimination of any sort.

Peace Through Sports

Peace Through Sport

Entails creating space for young people using sports as a platform for community peace-building. Under this project 35 football teams in selected Local Government Areas of: Bagwai, Kura, Minjibir, and those in Kano metropolitan which also includes Para-Soccer Clubs, and female Handball Clubs, have been supported with training kits, such as jerseys, footballs, first aid box, stop watches and whistles.

cont.. Before these materials were presented, members of the benefitting clubs usually undergo peace- building trainings, in which the concept of partnership geared at promoting the culture and value of togetherness are taught, after which each of the clubs is presented with a complete set of jerseys, balls, and other sports equipment.

As a source of strong budding among Nigerians which have been demonstrated whenever the national team - "Super Eagle" is playing against other countries, during this period Nigerians irrespective of their ethno-religious differences, whether they are Christians, Muslims, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Ijaw, or other ethnic groups, usually bud together to cheer the country, so we adopted sports as a means of reaching young Nigerians in our peace building initiative knowing the multiple impacts the venture is serving in uniting the people.

In implementing the Peace through Sport Project,

we leverage on one aspect of Nigeria's national life which is sports.

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