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About Us

The travails of every nation form a significant part of its history, from which lessons are learnt, and corrections taken. The political history of our Country, Nigeria, is replete with man-made circumstances and events, which on hindsight seem avoidable.

The Nigerian nation is heterogeneous in composition, especially given the historical peculiarities of the different nationalities that make up the nation. There are also the diversity of cultures, ethnic groups and religions. In spite of this diversity, there has been a strong resolve among the people to live together and to build a united, virile and indivisible nation.

The resolve, however, has received some challenges over the years, as was manifested in the civil war of 1967-1970 and other internecine feuds and ethno-religious violence. It was a response to these myriads of violence that prompted the emergence of this laudable project – Peace Initiative Network.

Peace Initiative Network is a voluntary non governmental, non-profit making, non-partisan in politics and religion, charitable organization dedicated to the promotion of peace, unity and harmony in Nigeria, Africa and among the nations and regions of the world. The organization functions as a catalyst, and think-tank for public policy input 


Our mission is to prevent, manage violent conflict through public enlightenment and sensitization in Nigeria and globally.


Peace Initiative Network is committed to the realization of these set objectives:

1.      To promote the cause of Nigerian unity and nation building

2.      To encourage International Cooperation and collaboration toward achieving peaceful co-existence globally.

3.     To apply global information communication technology in propagating against all sorts of political violence and  terrorism globally.

4.     To promote peace, conflict resolution and harmony through research, charitable disbursements and the support of  voluntary humanitarian         services.

5.     To organize periodically intellectual forum – public lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences etc on conflict resolution and peace.

6.      To publish newsletter, monograph, journal and book on peace

7.      To establish an Institute for peace studies.

8.      To advocate for the inclusion of peace study in school curriculum at all level of education in Nigeria.


PIN activities are organized into five thematic areas, namely;

1. Advocacy - to establish a positive working relationship with stakeholders in the community in order to enhance a peaceful     and non violent society. 

2. Peace Education - to institutionalise non violence and peace education in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions in Nigeria. 

3. Democracy and Good Governance - to strengthen governance capacities through developing and integrating conflict  management systems at     different levels of governance and also ensure transparency in decision making. 

4. Research - to develop and maintain participatory research and database on the best practices on social inclusion and peace     education. 

5. Training - to build the capacity of youth leaders on peace education and development through workshops, seminars, conferences and, public     lectures. 


Peace Initiative Network organizes and hosts periodic seminars, workshops and public enlightenment campaigns as its strategy to reach people in the community to promote goodwill and coexistence.

PIN adopts a partnership / participatory approach in all its interventions and activities.


- Donations from individuals and institutions

- Funds from Donor / Development Agencies

- Consultancy Services – research and training


- British Council

- Institute For Democracy in South Africa (IDASA, Nigeria)

- Generations For Peace, Jordan

- Alliance for Peacebuilding

- Veil Breakers Initiative


                          Peace Initiative Network (PIN)39th Link House No 6, Hausawa Quarters             

              P.O.Box 14937, Kano Nigeria.  Tel: +234 64 316 663

                 Email: info@peaceinitiativenetwork.org

                Website: www.peaceinitiativenetwork.org