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Peace Club
Peace Club members at the Youth Parliamentary Debate, House of Commons Westminster London - Pictures

Target Audience

School children

Influential community leader’s e.g teachers, parents, coaches, youth workers, religion leaders.


Membership criteria

|Member should be:
1. Age 7 – 18 (there are 3 categories 7 – 10 years, 11 – 13     years, and 14 – 18 years).

2. Commitment to attend weekly club meeting.

3. Ability and willingness to learn and share information /     skills with peer

4. Ability to be a good example to others.

5. Tolerant (respect the opinions/ view of others)

6. Active in extra curriculum activities e.g sport, drama and     music etc.

7. Passionate for positive change in Nigeria

Project Activities

1. Sport session: Practices, mixed matches, tournaments etc     within and between member schools using football,     basketball, handball, volley ball, table tennis, athletics and     langa (local sport).

2. Monthly meeting - peace education, situations report from     school chapters.

3. Summer Peace Camp - an annual event for members.

4. Cultural Exchange Program (for members within Nigeria and other countries).

Peace Club members at the Youth Parliamentary Debate, House of Commons Westminster London - Pictures above.

Peace club, an initiative of Peace Initiative Network in partnership with British Council, Kano was inaugurated on May 27th, 2006 (International Children’s Day in Nigeria) for young people aged 14 – 18 from diverse backgrounds, who are interested in exploring the theme of peace. The club started with 50 members (30 boys and 20 girls) from seven secondary school in Kano namely:

1. Rumfa College, Kano.
2. St. Thomas Secondary School, Kano
3. Samadi International School, Kano
4. Army Day Girls Secondary School, Kano
5. Bennie College, Kano
6. Spring Secondary School, Kano
7. Research International College, Kano

Currently, Peace Club has 4500 members in sixty schools in Kano, Gombe, Plateu and Delta state.

The general principal of the PEACE CLUB is to bring about a change in awareness and patterns of thought which will lead to change in the behavior of young people. This will result in a way of living in which the values of  mutual respect and tolerance for others and equal and just society will become a reality. It will be a society that regards peace as state of mind, a chosen value, a norm and a way of life. The club meets once a month at the British Council, Kano

This project has been designed to achieve the following specific goals.

1. To promote interaction between young people from a variety of     backgrounds to build bridges for the future and to help     strengthen a peaceful society in Nigeria,

2. To help piece club members develop increased, leadership,     cooperative problem solving and cross-cultural skills that they     can use to promote friendship and improve understanding     between their peers from diverse backgrounds


1. To improve young people’s leadership, cooperative problem      solving and critical thinking skills that will aid their ability to      become future leader.

2. To improve young peoples understanding of cultural       differences     and similarities increase their respect and       appreciation of  diversity.

3. To help young people develop trusting relationship and begin      friendship across/ beyond their ethnicity.

4. To help young people develop new civil awareness in order to      utilize and share their skills and experience in their here of      contact.

5. To help young people explore their role fostering positive in      Nigeria.

Project Deliverable

1. Sport / peace education session to be held in schools for 1 – 2     hours maximum weekly (with minimum of 50 members per     school) schools to fix suitable day and time.

2. Monthly club meetings for leaders/ representatives from member     schools (10 members per school). Last Saturday every month     for 2 hours.

3. Network of club member in Nigeria formed.

4. Link with club member in other countries established.      Two- ways exchange program arranged for mutual learning and      experience sharing.

5. One year club program piloted, evaluated and amended with     help of participant.




Cross section of Peace Club members and teacher during the inauguration

International Peace Day Celebration - September 21, 2006


Measure, Scorecard indicators and Target
(How each of the project outcomes will be evaluated)

Success measure
Weakly sport and peace education session in schools, run by instructors and volunteers, attended by and positively appreciated by a minimum of 50 young people from diverse backgrounds per school, starting from August 2009.

Evidence of success: Number attending. Participants profile by age, sex, religion, ethnicity/ race etc. A baseline questionnaire will be administered once a month.

Success measure
Monthly meeting for leaders and representatives from all participating schools - Ten (10) participants per school. Meeting serve as a forum for situations report from school chapter and deliberations by members on the way forward starting from August 2009.

Evidence of success: Number attending participants profile by age, sex, religion, ethnicity/ race etc. A baseline questionnaire will be administered.

Success measure
Network of club members in Nigeria functioning by December 2009.



                          Peace Initiative Network (PIN)39th Link House No 6, Hausawa Quarters             

               P.O.Box 14937, Kano Nigeria.  Tel: +234 64 316 663

                 Email: info@peaceinitiativenetwork.org

                Website: www.peaceinitiativenetwork.org