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HRH Prince Charles of Wales chatting with Michael Femi Sodipo- Peace Club Facilitator & members in Kano.


Lord John Prescott MP (former British Deputy Prime Minister) with Peace Club Members at Westminster, London


Peace building is one of the greatest challenges face today in the global system. No region of the world is immune from violent conflict which has inflicted immense damage, caused untold grief and impoverished millions of people mostly children across the globe -especially in Africa. Ending the violence that inflicts Africa and Middle East (rebuilding Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq) and the terrific aftermath effect of September 11 and the threat posed by the transnational terrorism are alarming.

The lofty idea behind the formation of Peace Initiative Network (PIN) is tailored into three thematic areas: Peace Building, Democracy/Good Governance, and Development. PIN is set to advance the promotion of peace, democracy and socio-economic development in Nigeria, Africa and among the nations and regions of the world. The organization also functions as a catalyst, and think-tank for policy inputs.

Peace Initiative Network, since its inception in 2004 has committed itself irrevocably to conflict mitigation and development in Nigeria and beyond through participatory research, capacity development i.e. experiential workshop and seminars, and advocacy, sensitization/awareness campaigns, networking  and coalition building among stakeholders such as relevant research institutes, civil society organizations and media outreach.

Peace Initiative Network is an International Peace Day supporter in  Nigeria– Pathway to Peace is a United Nations- designated peace messenger  initiative. www.internationaldayofpeace.org .

The organization is working to realize the value, principles and goals contained in the United Nations millennium summit declaration: peace, security, development, poverty eradication, human right, democracy, governance, protecting the vulnerable and meeting the special needs of developing countries especially Africa.   



                          Peace Initiative Network (PIN)39th Link House No 6, Hausawa Quarters             

              P.O.Box 14937, Kano Nigeria.  Tel: +234 64 316 663

                 Email: info@peaceinitiativenetwork.org

                Website: www.peaceinitiativenetwork.org